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SMART TD General President Joseph Sellers Jr. plans to hold an online town hall forum Nov. 2 to hear and respond to concerns and questions from members.

In this video, General President Sellers discusses SMART operations directed at hurricane relief for members affected by r

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Just in time for Labor Day, the Economic Policy Institute again reminded its readers “today’s unions help working people” by “giving them the power to improve their jobs and unrig the economy” from corporate dominance.

Whether policymakers in Washington and many state capitals are listening is dubious.

The nation’s unions plan “to focus on our members” in the run-up to the 2018 election, bringing them a pro-worker economic platform, highlighting candidates who pledge to push it and showing 2016’s Trump voters how the Republican president broke his promises to them, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says.

But in an August 30 session with reporters, anticipating Labor Day, Trumka admitted that means unions have a lot of work to do – politically and otherwise.

More than 100 union sheet metal industry professionals from across North America gathered for the 16th annual International Certification Board (ICB) conference May 1-5 in Saint Charles, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis.

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