SMART Sheet Metal Workers Local 44

SMART Sheet Metal Workers' Local Union 44 remains dedicated to extending the benefits and solidarity of our trade union to all of those working in sheet metal throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.  On our website, you will find information that describes our work, and information that will help you contact Local 44 if you are thinking of joining our union. You will also find contact information on our apprenticeship program.

Styay on top of news and events from across the Union by texting the word SMART to 21333 on your message app.  Doing so will ensure you receive:

- Job Bank information;

In Virginia, one vote determined the balance of power in that state and what path leaders will take in the foreseeable future.

Just in time for Labor Day, the Economic Policy Institute again reminded its readers “today’s unions help working people” by “giving them the power to imp

The nation’s unions plan “to focus on our members” in the run-up to the 2018 election, bringing them a pro-worker economic platform, highlighting candidat

Recent News

Business Manager Warren Faust of SMART Sheet Metal Local 44 gave United States Senator Bob Casey a demonstration on the SMART, Label It, Scan It, Report It App during a recent visit to the Local 44 union hall in Scranton, PA. Senator Casey inquired on the difference between the yellow and blue label and was impressed by the app and how it affords our members a tool to insure our products are built by our Brother and Sister members as well as wage equalized.

More than 100 union sheet metal industry professionals from across North America gathered for the 16th annual International Certification Board (ICB) conference May 1-5 in Saint Charles, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis.

With highly visible arenas, stadiums and high- rise commercial buildings under construction or renovation across the country, architectural sheet metal is gracefully stepping into the spotlight. For every high-profile project, there is an equally important local project that demands workers with specific skills and just-as-high expectations.