The Roof is the most important part of your building and is one of the fastest changing components of the Building Enclosure system.

Built up Roofing (BUR) or Flat Roofing used in Industrial, Commercial and Residential roofing requires highly skilled workers to properly install the roofing 

membrane to avoid system failure. 

SMART members serve full 3-year apprenticeships attaining a “Red Seal” qualification and take on going manufacturer training on immerging products to ensure they are the highest skilled workers in the industry.

Worker and job site safety is one of the main concerns in the construction industry today, our Local Unions and member are dedicated to a safe work place and have developed a “Safety Culture” to make safety everyone’s top priority.

Regardless of the roof type, traditional tar and gravel, two ply SBS or single ply EDPM and TPO membranes, choosing a SMART Union contractor ensure you are getting a top-quality roofing installed by highly trained professional Roofers