Even though forecasters expect growth to slow next year across North America, the consensus view is that the Canadian economy  will stay on solid financial footing for the rest of 2019.

Nine current members of the United States military and six recent veterans graduated as the ninth class of the SMART Heroes program in Du

The growth of architectural metal wall panel systems has prompted the International Training Institute (ITI) to offer sheet metal Locals across the United

With highly visible arenas, stadiums and high- rise commercial buildings under construction or renovation across the country, architectural sheet metal is gracefully stepping into the spotlight. For every high-profile project, there is an equally important local project that demands workers with specific skills and just-as-high expectations.

The International Training Institute (ITI), the education arm of the unionized sheet metal industry, has hired Dan McCallum of Downingtown, Pennsylvania as a member of its field staff and an architectural specialist.

Being discharged from the military can be exciting, but the unknowns and uncertainties of civilian life can also be scary. Luckily for eight U.S. military soon-to-be-veterans, as well as many more to come, the unionized sheet metal industry has made easing that transition a top priority with the establishment of the SMART Heroes Program. On a crisp fall morning Oct.

Rising out of the Nevada desert is Las Vegas’s newest addition to its entertainment lineup. The $375 million arena will be a destination for sports fans and tourists looking to escape the heat in a new 20,000 seat arena encased in an envelope of copper. The project, located west of the Las Vegas Strip between the New York-New York and Monte Carlo hotels, is financed by MGM Resorts and the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG).

"Manning jobs is never a problem. The union works with me, and they have a professional, no-hassle manner. We have improved our profitability and customer satisfaction since we started with the union. Our projects get completed on schedule, and the end product is top quality. It really has made sense from a business perspective."

Kenneth J. Kotchey, Superintendent

K&I Sheet Metal

Pittsburgh, PA

This article from the Kansas City Business Journal highlights A. Zahner Co. - a SMART signatory signatory originaly from Kansas City.  This company is known for having worked on some of the most iconic and awe inspiring projects completed over the past several decades around the world and across North America.  

Two words come up when Glenn Parvin, owner of CASS Sheet Metal, talks about Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena: “passion project.”