About Local 540

About Us

Local 540 was chartered as a local of the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association in 1967. Currently, Local 540 has approximately 900 members working in the Sheet Metal, Hvac, Automotive, Fiberglass, Plastics, and Office Staff as well many other industries in the South Central Ontario Area.  Our men and women work mainly in the production industry.

Mission Statement

The Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation International Association (SMART) is a Labour union serving, protecting and raising the living standards of skilled men and women workers employed throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico in the construction, manufacturing, railroad and shipyard industries. We strive to establish and maintain through signatory employers desirable working conditions and thus provide for our members and their families that measure of comfort, happiness, and security to which every person is entitled in return for his or her Labour from a deep sense of pride in our trade(s) through a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.